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All Natural Bar SoapThanks so much for visiting our online store. Terra Cetera, LLC is a small, local company created in 2015 in Irvine, Orange County California.


We handcraft natural bath and body products for you and your family. All chosen ingredients and products are the results of long researches to provide the best quality of natural products. We believe nature provides an endless quantity of herbs, plants, extracts, oils... to nourish, soothe and embellish the skin.

All our products are made in Irvine, but now you can find us at CRAFTED at the port of Los Angeles. CRAFTED is a permanent marketplace for handcrafters. It is open every Fridays-Sundays. 


Our website will be regularly updated with new products. For instance, we will be soon adding body scrubs, body butter, masks and a whole line of products for the face.


We hope you will love our products and, your purchasing experience. 


A word from the Owner,

With my products and website, I try to share the experience received from working with Evian's Thermal Spa in the European Alps and for the French Cosmetic and perfume brand Givenchy. I know that the simple act of pampering oneself provides a relaxing feeling and is comforting after a long day or a stressful time.  It is even more relaxing when we know the products we use are natural and free of harmful chemicals. 


If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us here or via email (info@terracetera.com) and we will get back to you in the best delay.  Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.  

How our soaps are made:

All our soaps contain a high amount of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which provides softness and moisture.

You might have heard of the terms "Castile" or "Bastille" soap. Each soapmaker seems to have a different definition of these terms. 

Without entering into the debate of who is right or wrong, here is our definition, so you know what to expect while shopping on our website:

Castille soap:

We consider Castile soap is made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil. Et Voila! Simple right!

These soaps are excellent for very sensitive, very dry skin or if you have allergies to tree nuts products or reaction to coconut oils.

A Castile soap has a silky and slippery lather that doesn't create a lot of bubbles. Olive OIl creates a hard bar that lasts a very long time. We consider Castile soaps need a longer curing time to be at their best.

Our soap "Le Castillan" is the closest thing from a True Castile soap, Lavender and Chamomile contain 86% of Olive oil, while our "Au Naturel" contains 95% of Olive OIl. What is the rest?

Since there are so great other oils, we couldn't resist, we had to add some extra benefits from Hemp seed oil or shea butter (all Organic). We do not fill our soaps with what can be considered "cheap oils". They are all here with a purpose (which is not increasing our margin). Our soaps contain no preservatives, paraben or synthetic foam boosters. We only use oils and butter from plants. Most of our soaps are vegan. However, we occasionally use goat milk, honey or silk. If you are looking for vegan products look for the mention "Vegan".

Bastille soap:

The largest part of our soaps are Bastille soaps.  They contain 50% to 70% of Olive oil (When I write Olive oil, I always mean Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil). Other oils are added at different levels to provide different vitamins, benefits for the skin but also to impart some properties to the soap itself: more bubbles, creamy or silky lather, mildness, longer soap's lifespan... Organic Coconut oil adds bubbles and is a good cleanser, however too much Coconut might leave your skin dry. Then comes other oils, such as Meadowfoam, naturally very rich in Vitamin E, Hemp seed oil to balance skin sebum, shea butter to repair and makes a creamy lather... well you have the idea, we won't bore you with all the other oils. We will simply finish with Palm Kernel oil, some of our soaps contain a low quantity of this oil because it increases and extends the bubbly lather and the lifespan of the soap. Our Palm Kernel oil is, of course, organic, but also certified sustainable by the seal OTCO. 

To these amazing oils, we like to add herbs, extracts, vegetables, clays, algae, cocoa, fruits, coconut or Goat milk...for different benefits or for a natural color. They are in the section "herbal & Cosmetic soaps". For an extra fun and brighter color, the "CREATIVE SOAPS" section includes soaps colored with minerals, oxides, and cosmetic pigments.

Very occasionally, wuse a soap technique called "Melt & Pour" or "glycerin soap" these are great and easy to work with especially for those scents that would not survive the saponification process, or to make creative, cute, personalized or transparent designs. 

If you want to learn more about the properties of each oil, visit our library section.




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