About Us

Terra Cetera is a small company created in 2015, in South California. It all started from my desire to create skincare that people can trust and feel good about using.

All of my soaps and skincare are palm-free, the herbal and cosmetic extracts are cruelty-free and sustainably produced, and of course, we do not test on animal!

In a desire to reduce toxic chemicals as much as possible, I rediscovered traditional soap, researched and picked all the plant oils for their skin benefits and for the quality they would give to my soaps. Our base oils are as pure as possible unbleached, not deodorized and certified organic.

I specialize in gentle and non-drying soaps, and offer an ethical and cleaner alternative to synthetic and commercial skincare.

Opening my small store at the Port of Los Angeles, gave me the confidence to offer my products to more people. My customers kept asking me for more skincare products, and honestly, I am very happy to oblige.

After long researches, I found trusted laboratories to provide me with amazing plant-based ingredients and sustainable, potent extracts to replace synthetic fillers. I create my formulas generously, just as I would want them for me: potent and with only the good stuff.

I love essential oils and more than amazing natural scent, I use them in my skincare according to their skin benefits to complement my product's properties. 

I was lucky to be able to start my working experience with brands such as Givenchy and Evian*, giving me the basics of skin functions and chemistry. I kept studying on my own to provide the best service. My customers know that I love talking about ingredients or giving DIY’s recipes.

The permanent soap line that I present here have been my customers favorites for the last years, you can choose unscented, naturally scented with essential oils, or with cosmetic grade phthalates-free fragrances. Most of my soaps are vegan, but you also can choose them with milks, silk or honey. All my products have a full list of ingredients, don’t hesitate to consult it to make your choice or contact me for recommendation.

* Evian is a French small city in the Alpes area famous for the benefits of its water, and where the mineral water brand "Evian" was born. Thanks to its water, the city is also a very prized spa destination to provide high-end skin treatment for everyone, and for more serious skin conditions or sport injuries recoveries.

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