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Our soaps and skincare are created from long researches on each ingredient we use. From their farming technique to their processing and manufacture, I select the highest quality available of oils, extract, herbs, essential oils, and other additives. 

Each product was created with the intention of replacing all petrochemicals, and harmful chemicals, and replacing them with plant-based, safe ingredients with real benefits for your skin.

Our soaps are meant to be good for you, more than simple cleansers, they carry with them all the vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, and fatty acids coming from all the great oils harvested from organic trees. 

Our oils and butter are in their purest form, they have not been bleached, nor deodorized. 

I make sure that all products made stay fresh and potent, for this reason, all our products are packaged to be protected from damaging sunlight. Our skin care, are made in small batches, so the ones you purchase are less than 4 months old.
Our soaps are cured (dried) for 6 to 10 weeks, to be at their best for you. Soap is like a good wine, they get better with age.

If you are in the Area of Los Angeles / Orange County, I sometimes participate in local events. I also have a small shop at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles / San Pedro every weekend (Friday-Sunday). CRAFTED is a permanent handmade market.

One last thing, remember that the first thing to impact your skin's health is your lifestyle above any skincare. Sleeping well, eating healthy (most of the time), exercising daily (even a little walk will do), drinking water and protecting from sunlight will make the biggest impact! If you are doing all that, Chances are you will want skincare that is good for you and that will complement your lifestyle.

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