Intrigue ¦ Body soap for Men ¦ Activated Charcoal ¦3oz

Intrigue ¦ Body soap for Men ¦ Activated Charcoal ¦3oz

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3oz (80gr)

Scent type:

Phthalates-free fragrance

Organic ingredients:

82% (excludes water, salt, minerals such as clays)


Intrigue has a very manly aroma. Complex scent with middle note of rich woods, tonka bean, and vanilla,  top notes of Italian bergamot, and apple wood to mellow the darker and sensuous base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, oakmoss and vanilla.
This scent is powerful and will linger on the skin a few hours after the shower.

Intrigue is made with organic oils and activated charcoal. We used a variety of plant oils to provide a balance of lather without drying the skin, which is particularly interesting for men who do not like to apply moisturizers.

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