Muscle Bath Soak- Relax and refresh muscles

Muscle Bath Soak- Relax and refresh muscles

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Natural scented with Essential oils

Epsom salt is in reality not a sodium salt, it is magnesium sulfate composed of magnesium and oxygen. it is well known to soothe muscle aches, treat sunburn, and remove splinters.
We have combined our blend of essential oils to relax muscle and energize your mind.
This bath soak can also be added to lukewarm water to refresh and relax feet and legs after a hot day.

Our Muscle bath soak offers a therapeutic bath for muscles

Direction: Sprinkle above warm and running water, let melt and bathe as long as you want.
No time for a bath? Make it a scrub with your choice of vegetable oil (Olive, hemp, shea butter...)
Mix 1 cup of Muscle Bath salt with 1/2 cup of oil.
Scrub on dry skin on muscle with circular massage for 1 minute, then rinse in the shower.
Do not apply on face, eyes or mucous membranes, clean your hands well immediately after application. 
Do not touch your face/eyes without washing your hands first.

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