Savon de Marseille - 100% Olive oil - Unscented-5oz.

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Weight: 5oz (141gr)

Scent type:

Unscented 100% natural

Organic ingredients:

The traditional "Savon de Marseille" is made from Olive oil only. Olive oil makes the most gentle and moisturizing soaps and can also be used for the face. 
This soap cures for at least 3 months to be at its best. Olive oil creates a very dense, long lasting soap with a silky lather, but spares bubbles. 

Our Savon de Marseille is enriched with Olive leaf powder. 

DID YOU KNOW? Olive oil is rich in Oleic acid, a natural fatty acid also produced by your skin to create its sebum, necessary to lubricate and protect itself. Your skin produces other fatty acids to create the sebum, each of them with different roles. Traditionally, Le Savon de Marseille was made unscented in the South of France. With time, essential oils, clays, and herbs have been added to the recipe for extra scent and colors. 

Our olive oil is certified organic and extra virgin to ensure the purest ingredients free of added chemicals used to bleach or deodorize them.

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