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Epiphany Tea and Terra Cetera have partnered up together to enhance your summer time delight! 

With your monthly tea, you will receive a free sample of one of our soap, I hope you will enjoy them. 

 This Month: 
Is special! you will receive a full size of our California Dream soap!
California Dream will pair well your Epiphany MighTea Mango, with scent of peach, mango, citrus and notes of coconut milk. California Dream is gentle and moisturizing with organic oils of olive, Rice bran oil, virgin coconut oil enriched with Aloe vera and raw sugar. 

California Dream is made with a blend of certified organic oils to provide the right balance between lather, mildness and moisture properties. Enriched with Organic Rice bran oil and Aloe vera juice to nourish and soothe the skin bathed in California sun.

Here is the full list of Ingredients: Extra virgin Olive oil* Aloe Vera juice*, Virgin Coconut oil*, Sodium hydroxide, Castor oil*, Sunflower oil*, Rice Bran oil*, Fragrance, Raw sugar*, Atlantic sea salt, Mica, titanium dioxide
*Organic Ingredients

Read a full description of the California Dream here.

 A Quick introduction: 
Terra Cetera is a small company creating high quality handmade soaps and skincare. 
we create our formulas with love and care for those in search of quality and authenticity.
We create our soaps and skincare with natural and organic skin loving ingredients.
Our soaps are made with a blend of organic oils such as: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil... to create balanced soaps; cleansing, but never harsh or drying. 

We favor moisturizing and gentle ingredients for your skin, we enjoy coloring them with herbs, clays, veggies, milks or minerals...for extra benefits. Feel free to visit the rest of my website.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have question at [email protected].

visit Epiphany Tea selection. www.epiphanytea.com


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