After selling our products in a boutique for more than a year, Terra Cetera is looking for partners to distribute its line on a larger scale. Our customers love our products. We focus greatly on customer services to give the best-personalized experience possible, starting with the quality of our products. We know your customer will love them too.  We offer reduced pricing for larger orders.

Please, contact us via email: info@terracetera.com, we will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Our line suits well:

-          Spa (for treatments and boutiques)

-          Boutique & room service hotels

-          Natural skincare store

-          Home & décor store

-          Gift shops

Cosmetic soaps

It is simply soap.  Or is it? We make our blends with quality, feel and skin benefits in mind. Our soaps can have a blend of up to 6 organic oils. We choose our oils according to their fatty acid profile; they are colored, with clays, herbs, spices, vegetables…. Our soaps are whole; we do not extract the glycerin, and they are super-fatted for extra moisture.  

Bath & Shower

-          Bath salts & Soaks

-          Aromatherapy Shower mist

-          Bath oil & Mousse de Bain

-          Bath bombs

-          Accessories

-          Naturally scented and colored

-          Custom order available


Body care

-          Scrubs & Polish

-          Creams & Lotions

-          Aromatherapy Oils

-          Wraps & Masks

-          Custom order available


Production time

Soaps: 30 days. Lead time can be reduced. Upon agreement, we can keep an inventory for you to deliver within 5-10 business day.

All other products: 5 to 10 business days.

The tools to sell
We know that a bar of soap sells faster if the customer can smell and see it. We provide soaps testers, so your customer can see and smell them. Benefits and key ingredients are also stated on each soapbox. We will additionally provide cards with key benefits and description. Also, we are here for you if you have questions.

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