Shaving Cream ¦ Patchouli Blend ¦ Handmade with organic oils ¦4oz

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Rich and creamy, this shaving cream, is thick and nourishing creating a protecting layer between your skin and the blade. 
Adapted to sensitive skin and hard beards, or for ladies sensitive legs.
Naturally scented with essential oils, providing a refreshing aftershave effect.

To apply, spoon with your finger, apply a thin layer on the skin, while massaging. Shave. Use a warm, damped towel to remove surplus. You can finalize with our after shave gel.

Making traditional shaving cream is a long process involving liquid, solid soaps, stearic acid, a choice of additives to nourish and  protect the skin, as well as several weeks of curing time.
I choose my oils and additives to provide gentleness and benefits for the skin, while achieving the perfect consistency. 

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